Forms in nature

The light sculpture Forms In Nature turns any room into a wild forest made of haunting oversized shadows.

Forms In Nature is an artwork consisting of a light source surrounded by a tense and unruly tree and root system created in a miniature sculpture. Mysterious and magical branches, bushes and gnarled trees appear on the walls and ceilings.

Interaction with the sculpture changes its impact on surroundings from lending atmosphere to a small setting, to changing entire environments of vast spaces. Intensify the brightness at the center of the sculpture to engulf the room in the unruly shadows of faces, life and the flow of consciousness. Dim the lights to invoke the feeling of a weak fire burning deep in the center of the forest. Switch off the light to experience the alluring beauty of the sculpture itself.

Forms In Nature is an artwork made of special hardened plastic powder that can withstand the heat from the light bulb and will stay bright white over time.

The components are designed with a software program by multiplying and refining original hand drawings until reaching a unique pattern. The final pieces of the sculpture is then built with a 3D printer and put together by hand.

The artists

Artists Thyra Hilden (1972, DK) and Pio Diaz, (1973, AR) created Forms in Nature as a tribute to the German artist and naturalist Ernest Haeckel (1834-1919), whose beautiful and meticulous drawings of thousands of plant and animal forms helped introduce Charles Darwin’s theories to a worldwide audience.

Technical information

Dimensions: 60 x 55 x 49 cm
Material: PVO composite, 3D-printed
Light Source:60 W dimmable Halogen bulb with 90 W output

How to order

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About The Artists

The artistic duo Hilden & Diaz, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is made up of Thyra Hilden (1972, DK) and Pio Diaz, (1973, AR).

The pair met at Pio Diaz Gallery back in 2004, and have worked together since 2005. Their work is inspired by transformation and paradoxes, as seen in their previous pieces like City of Fire, a video installation that involved setting famous monuments virtually ablaze, and Bubble, an artistic attempt to preserve a soap bubble forever.

“For many years, we’ve used our work to question cultural structures through destructive forces such as fire,” says Pio Diaz. “Lately, our interest has shifted to the opposite pole - that is, how to preserve the most fragile things despite all odds.”

Forms In Nature is a tribute to nature as catalogued by the 19th century biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel. The Rorschach technique and German Romantic painter Casper David Friedrich were also important influences.

With Forms In Nature their goal was to induce feelings that one might have standing in a magnificent forest surrounded by nature.

What they have created with Forms In Nature is a work of art which you are not looking at from a distance. Instead you are present in it and surrounded by it.

For more information about Pio Diaz and his projects visit our Blog Page.

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